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Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar

Here at magic mushroom store, we wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy a PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE BAR . That’s why we created a delicious Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate bar.

This chocolate bar is loaded with psilocybin, ready to lift your consciousness to new heights. What it’s not loaded with are any animal products of any kind.

Our vegan dark chocolate bar is sure to give you an unforgettable magic mushroom experience. If you’d like to know more about our Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar and how to use it, then continue reading below.


Why Use a Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar?

How To Eat Psilocybin  Chocolate Bar

Have you ever wandered how to  experience the best psilocybin trips?, How  to buy the best psilocybin mushroom chocolate  bar?. USA’s #1 magic mushroom store is your last bus stop as we have the best shroom chocolate products.

For any doubts , a single bite from our  Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar  will have you salivating for more  with  it’s taste refined , unique and above all its  vegan nature greeting your taste buds with every single bite.

For our vegans customers and consumers our sole purpose is your satisfaction.

Eat our vegan chocolate dark or white  with a free mind knowing that they aren’t  any animal products in it.

There are many advantages to consuming our best selling mushroom infused chocolate, but one of the main reasons which always have our customers coming back for more is how easy it is to start a trip that will will take you to space.

We do the work for you, this tasty mushroom chocolate bar has been dosed out easily for our consumers. You do not do not need to worry your self on how much you should eat.

Your health is a priory to us and for that reason. We bring forth to you another major advantage of choosing and consuming our top selling best vegan dark psilocybin chocolate. Mushrooms contains a chitinous layer which may cause an unpleasant stomach disorder, its is noted that this may vary from person to person due to difference in digestive systems. Our mushroom infused chocolate eliminates any worry of a rumbling stomach.

Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar Effects

Experience the best mind blowing trips that will take you to space with our psilocybin mushroom chocolate bar  with the best deals we have to offer. 

It is delicious likewise tasty, and will have you with a wide smile . The taste is in the difference and the difference is in the taste.

Expect to have the same trips as gotten from consuming dried mushroom.

How Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar Can Be Used Recreationally

Everywhere you go, with any activity, be it at home and about, our   vegan dark  psilocybin chocolate with the best prices I the USA will keep you smiling, energetic, a happy  soul and very fun to be with person.

At your backyard garden while in the presence of variety of sweet smelling plants  Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar will make you free spirited as you listen to the birds sing and leaves move in the wind. It will bring out tremendous creativity in you, you could write a poem and  compose a song.

While hiking at the highest point of the world you with the breeze brushing your face and the sunset beautiful as ever also a vast view of sea, ocean and living organisms this is indeed a blissful experience that our vegan dark  psilocybin chocolate will provide for you.

Responsible and guided trips is amongst our top priority.

After taking few bites of our shroom chocolate make sure you maintain good behaviors.

Do not drive, put your self in danger or endanger other individuals while on your trip.

Lastly, Eat well, drink water, listen to chill music.

 Enjoy your self during your experience it may last several hours.

How To Dose Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar

Change is the only constant and with constant adjustments made by our expects in this domain we take the stress away from you on wandering how to dose our vegan dark  psilocybin chocolate.

• 0.33g psilocybin per square

• 4g total psilocybin per bar

Consume our shroom chocolate guilt free and enjoy your trip.


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