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Mazatapec magic mushrooms are tied to a long history of shamanistic use in Mexico. That’s because these magic mushrooms give an incredible visual experience that allowed ancient cultures to speak with the gods.

Now, we can experience the spirituality of these fantastic magic mushrooms with the Mazatapec strain. These mushies provide incredible effects that have a spirituality deep within them.

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  1. Kevin

    Good customer service. They versed with couple of languages and get to reply customer and help them out when they need assistance

  2. Valentina Moreno

    Very trustworthy site! Kind personnel and immediate service. LOVE THEM !!!

  3. Joe

    Top notch strain 😉

  4. Juan Pablo

    Mood and especially visual effects are first rate, great cultivar.

  5. Catalina L Mía

    Easy payment options, quick delivery, product seems fine. Regular updates from shrooms store on shipment status. Great experience.

  6. Diego Alejandro

    Fast delivery, great customer service, good harvest and good price! Order arrived in a stealthy package, growing the shrooms was very easy, just follow the instructions and you will be fine. Harvest was above the estimated range on the website very pleased with the results!

  7. Josefina

    It was my first time with magic shrooms and I’d say its a special experience. Dark room, eyes closed, comfy music… And I saw myself as an angel. Many colors… Very pleasant. But after opening eyes feeling almost normal, sober. Definitely will come back for more/different types.

  8. Juan José

    Amazing experience! Only bad point it’s that I had to run 12 km in bycicle to get my order at the storage local, the order wasn’t let in a partner’s shop where I could have picked it up close from home (I don’t even know if there are these kind of partner shop close from my home). So if I have missed the postman 2 or 3 times, and if I haven’t a bike, the ordered would have been sended back to the expeditor..

  9. Amanda

    Not a good strain for me. Vomited each time I had a trip. so disgusting for me. Worst trip ever

  10. Zoe

    Fast delievery, fair price, excellent stuff ! You´re well informed about package for a whole time. Nice guide for payment on the web if you´re confused by anything 😉

  11. María Fernanda

    At first i was afraid my order will be sent back or somehow lost and not delivered at all..then I contacted MMshrooms store buddies and they helped me figure out what’s happening as local parcel made a mistake, so finally very please to get my order 🙂 Had a great trip

  12. Antonella G.

    Goods arrived on time and discretely packaged, the service desk was available when I had questions. I’m yet to try the goods but so far very good experience.

  13. Ana Sofia

    I’ve been microdosing for a while now and it’s really grounding, making you feel more present and in tune with yourself and others. The service from MMS store is just smooth with no hassle. You’re doing a fantastic job dudes

  14. Caroline

    First timer… what a trip!

  15. Miguel Ángelo

    Good spiritual experience! It is also great for creativity and imagination! I even had nice visuals for a long time with only 1g! Not the most appealing and it has a strong taste too, but I definitely love this one!

  16. Juan Sebastián

    Not really a strain I can f***k with. Gave a stomach ache but smells good. I think I will maintain the golden teachers and always.

  17. Grace

    Mazapatec was my first experience on shrooms/psychedelics and I loved it! Amazing visuals eyes closed of a forever morphing digitalized world, synched to the music I was playing, and where playful and benevolent jesters lived and spoke to me (3.5g). Same trip twice, second time with friends who experienced the same. Definitely recommend.

  18. Tony

    I wouldn’t say they were fantastic but I would say they be good for Microdosing. To go on a good trip I choose something different for next time. Many stems only two caps.

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