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Buy the best Albino Penis Envy magic mushrooms

If you’re ready to feel like Alice and take a tumble down the rabbit hole, then Albino Penis Envy magic mushrooms are for you. These incredible mushies are some of the most potent you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Both beginners and experienced psychonauts will need to tread lightly with Albino Penis Envy magic mushrooms. If you’re curious to learn more about Albino Penis Envy shrooms, like what effects to expect, then continue reading below.

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  1. Andy

    Great online shop. Got great quality products at affordable prices

  2. Frank

    Very good! Recommended! Reasonable prices! Very helpful people willing to explain everything you need to know!

  3. Sebastian

    Asked the necessary questions
    Placed an order
    Paid for it and…
    Boom! it was delivered in 2 days.
    Thats what every customer want.
    FrFr a 100% trusted company

  4. Louise

    They are legit and keep their word. Thats the main thing of all. keep the great work guys

  5. Watara

    I would like to thank you for the amazing experience you have given us with the magic shrooms.

    Thank you for taking the time and explaining everything to us.

    I will recommend this shop / experience to all my friends.

  6. Lena J.

    I had such an amazing time with the products I got at Magic Mushroom store.
    They gave us perfect tips for what we wanted to experience. The staff is the best of all online shops. They took as much time as we needed to decide.
    This is 100% the best online shop ever!
    I would like to give special thanks to Steve and Eric, they are awesome!!

  7. Hendrick

    We went with my friend, while looking for an online store for “magic mushrooms”, and we couldn’t be happier. Steve was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything, and said we could come back anytime. We had an amazing trip!!! Gracias Steve! Best guy ever in a great company.

  8. Wilfred

    Ordered just in time for next day delivery and arrived next day 2 orders and all good
    Thank You Steve
    Top shop

  9. Jenny

    I order for the first time. It was brilliant. They kept me up to date with the delivery of my goods was cheaper than the other company. I Will be using you again. Thank you.

  10. John k.

    Initially I left a negative review for this website but the order turned up a week later & was great quality…my only wish is that the delivery dates suggested on the website could be met which is the only reason I haven’t given a five star.

  11. Alexander

    This store is perfect! Big thanks to Jamie and Logni for good information and the happy energy that they have against costumers.

    keep on going with that!:)

    Best Regards/ Alexander from Sweden

  12. Jerry Perkins

    I have been curious about magic mushrooms for some time and their ability for self-exploration, learning and dissolution of the ego. Feeling very unsure, the staff member put me at ease and explained everything I needed to know. From how to take, trip duration, intensity, to what to do if I start having a bad trip. On my first trip, I achieved ego death and came back twice more to Holland and the magic mushroom gallery to continue the exploration. I would recommend y’all to magic mushrooms for some good quality magic mushrooms. 5-star experience.

  13. Kyle Sims

    Super helpful staff, who made great recommendations.

  14. Mariette

    Great shop with an excellent service.

  15. Gary

    3rd time buyer of this magic shrooms. First two times faced no issues and it resulted to great high and smooth party, A very kind and much appreciated shop for some good magic mushrooms

  16. Luke Wilson

    Good and frendly, nice, and perfect place to Explore and get good magic shrooms! Thank to Merel & Leoni!

  17. Jonathan Marsh

    Best shop to get some quality shrooms

  18. Stephanie

    A very nice Spanish girl from the staff helped my friend and I to have a very good experience out of it. She had plenty of very useful recommendations to make. Very much appreciated it 🙂

  19. Stephan Mulroe

    I took 3.6gs of PE last Saturday and had a blast, watched Paul Stamets’ movie Fantastic Fungi on Netflix. By far the best visuals I’ve had yet. Not sure if I have a higher tolerance or if I’m different but I wasn’t knocked into the void or overwhelmed like most stories I read in regards to other people’s experiences with PE. Got my hands on 15gs of APE’s yesterday and I’m fuckin stoked to see what those do! SLOWLY building my way up to a heroic dose, I have yet to experience the “ego death” or “enlightenment”, just felt like I’ve shed 10-15lbs of stress the day after. Last trip I took I woke up the next day feeling like I got a fresh reset, turned the stress dial back down to a healthy 3 out of 10. Back in my early 20’s (now 30 turning 31 this year) I had fun tripping, first trip was actually 3-3.5gs. However, after my last couple trips I’m noticing I am more so looking for the more meaningful trip to possibly break me out of whatever funk I’m in. Or possibly find answers… Whatever it is, I’m looking for that unknown next step for myself.
    Sorry for the long winded two cents/story time, best advice I see all over is to just start low and go slow. Get to know yourself and your relationship with psilocybin before jumping in the deep end and you should be fine! I started off on a higher than average dose my first time because I and a group of buddies were all going to do 3gs, turns out it was perfect and we all had a blast. Either way, I’m sure I’m late to this discussion, but remember to succumb/give in/let go! You got this 🍄✊🏾. Big thanks to my guys magic mushroom store for the great trip and quality products

  20. Oben Hillson

    Big thanks to mushroom store. I take half a dose of penis envy. I once took 4.5 grams with some friends. It didn’t go so well. A full standard dose of regular cubensis mushrooms like golden teachers or B+ is 3.5 grams. When I take penis envy I typically aim for 1.7 or 2 grams. They can be seriously gnarly.

  21. Tyler Perry

    If you have lots of fear surrounding potency, then I would have a few more trips on Golden Teacher before trying something stronger. I might even take slightly more of it each time so that when I did stronger stuff that it wouldn’t be so different. Definitely come back for more once stock is finished

  22. Jordan Marshall

    Lemon tek 1.5g of PE, return your tray to the upright position and fasten your seatbelt. You’d love the journey. Thumbs up guys. My #1 plug

  23. Psy_redhead_jean

    I took 3.3g of P.E. last night. First time using this strong of a mushroom. It was on par for being a normal trip. Until it wasn’t. I can’t explain exactly what happened, but I do know this. I died. Felt the death coming as there were weird signs of me losing control and it felt like a hostile takeover by some external force.
    Like aliens had taken control of each human on earth and was individually melting our minds into energy they would use to feed their life force. Once I realized I had no control over the outcome of the situation I let go. I whited out. All I saw was white fractal patterns running congruently over each other with a splash of blue or purple. Not sure how long this went on.
    When I finally came to I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. (Because I wasn’t dead. LoL) continued to trip on a normal level until they finally wore off and I was able to go to sleep. I slept like a baby.
    I am still quite shaken by the experience. I have never tripped so hard in my entire life. Glad I handled myself as well as I did. Definitely recommend having someone else around when you do these. I did.
    Curious if anyone else has had a similar experience on these mighty mushrooms…

  24. Jerry R.

    rule of thumb with PE, 1g of PE=3g of golden teachers l
    my first mushroom trip was 1g if APE and it was amazing, very similar to 120ug of LSD, atleast to me

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